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Give Your Downline An LMS Account
We provide anyone working in the MLM or Network Marketing industry with a Lead Manangement System. Several companies choose to partner with PM Marketing and give our systems to their downlines to help them succeed. We can provide you or your entire team with an LMS account and all of the systems and training they will need to be better than the average person. To get started right away, simply call 1-386-445-3585 and speak with someone right now.

Is your team ready to meet the goals
you have set for the next year?

Give them the power of LMS and watch your entire organization grow right before your eyes!

A Few Of The Key Features Include:
   - Track Prospects Opening Your E-mails from LMS and EMOS
   - Track Prospects Visiting Your Phase2 and Phase3
   - Set Call Back Reminders Daily and be E-mailed
   - Keep Extensive Notes Of Lead Activity
   - Access to Free Training Audios, Conference Calls

Discover how working with PM Marketing - can truly benefit you and your organization.

Give us a call at 1-386-445-3585 and get started right away.



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2012 - 2013 - PM Marketing expands with The Youmongus Ad Network, and Building Fortunes Radio Station.

2012 - PM Marketing expands the Building Fortunes Program, and continues developing Youmongus Blogs, Youmongus Movies and Push Button Marketing.

2009 - 2011 - PM Marketing develops Phase3 personalized websites and begins creating the new PM Notify.

2009 - PM Motivational Movies is launched to help bring people some powerful movies about inspiring and moving topics.

2008 - 2009 - Peter Mingils re-elected as The Association of Network Marketing Professionals ANMP (Formerly DRA) President. PM Marketing / Network Leads launches LMS, a state of the art Leads Management System.

2006 - 2007 - PM Marketing introduces Phase2 personalized websites and PM Notify; also, expands customer service with Online Webinars, PM Chat and MLM Diva Radio Show.

Peter Mingils elected The Association of Network Marketing Professionals ANMP (Formerly DRA) President and becomes an Advisory Board Member of DSWA.

2004 - 2005 - PM Marketing completely revises website with training tools, movies, hundreds of archived training calls and Implementation 101 training course.

PM Marketing - also launches LMS, our Lead Management System and KISC Training.

Peter Mingils becomes The Association of Network Marketing Professionals ANMP (Formerly DRA) Executive Director of Education.

2000 - 2003 - PM Marketing website with training, newsletters, and automated email delivery systems. Beyond the Basics Training launched.

Peter Mingils becomes a corporate sponsor of DSWA (Direct Selling Woman's Alliance).

1997 - 1999 - PM Marketing begins business on the web, with the registering of
Peter Mingils founded PM Marketing. Graduates from, then becomes a guest speaker for, Dr. King's MLM Certification Course.

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LMS ApplicationThe LMS Application
PM Marketing has listened to the needs of MLM and Network Marketers.  One of the things marketers told us was that Customer Relationship Management was lacking in this industry.  We answered the call by providing an easy to use but powerful Leads Management System, LMS.  With the LMS system, can track history, email prospects, transfer leads, schedule call backs and follow-ups, instant access to training, PM Notify Application, and much much more...

Leads, Leads, Leads....
One of the most important resources of all MLM marketers is a constant flow of people taking a look at the products and services you have to offer.  PM Marketing - Network Leads is the industry leader in the Leads, Systems, and Training business.  Now, LMS is available for all customers to enjoy.

What about my team?
PM Marketing - Network Leads understands how important teams are to MLM marketers.  When you signup for LMS, any lead within the team can be transferred to anyone else on the team with the click of a button.  There is also a "Team" Bulletin Board available, which makes it easy to advertise Team meetings and other information. 

"LMS is a simple yet highly effective way of maximizing both your investment in leads and your time working on them."

                                        - Peter Mingils


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PM Marketing

In 1998, Peter Mingils founded PM Marketing - Network Leads. Peter understands, "Anyone can sell you leads." Peter thinks you deserve more than that. PM Marketing - Network Leads will help you build your business by offering the leads, the systems, and the training.

  • Peter is a guest speaker at the Dr. Charles King's University of Illinois @ Chicago's Network Marketing Seminar.
  • He is the past President and current Executive Vice President of a non-proft organization called The Association of Network Marketing Professionals (The ANMP), formerly known as the Distributor Rights Association (DRA).
  • He is also an original corporate sponsor for the Direct Selling Women's Alliance (DSWA).

One of the most important resources of all MLM marketers is a constant flow of people taking a look at the products and services you have to offer. PM Marketing - Network Leads is the industry leader in the Leads, Systems, and Training business.

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